Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why Small Towns Are BETTER

So I often have this argument with the people I know about where is the better place to live, A big city or a small town. Today I'm going to tell you why the small town is better. Well firstly and formost is the total lack of crazy traffic, sure people in small towns tend to be worse drivers but when there is noone else on the road you can get away with it. Two, everyone is friendly and everyone knows everyone else, it is like a big extended family. Try to say that about a big city. Three, I live with the mayor, go camping with the fire chief and have been out drinking with both, and all this isn't that big a deal. If you even get to meet the mayor in a large city its a big deal and it really shouldn't be. Four, I can walk anywhere in town in under 45 minutes. Five, if you go to the bar alone you are bound to run into someone you know. Six, the waiting line at the hopsital is much, much shorter. Seven, I live in a small town. Eight, you have a better chance of knowing your local police, fire and ambulance members. Nine, how many of you big city folks have been to a demo derby? enough said. Ten, small towns tend to worship a world's largest something. Eleven, we have more green spaces.
So yeah thats eleven reasons, I'm sure there are many more. So take that big city folk sucks to be you now doesn't it.


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