Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why I'm so lame

So it happened sooner then I thought, I'm forgetting to add new stuff to my blog. This is mostly because I have been really busy at work lately. Now the thing with EMS work is that you can never "close". Someone always has to be working, always. Now when staff member quit or take sick leave, this leaves holes in the shift rotation that have to be covered and since it would be illegal and imoral for to leave our service area with out ambulance coverage other staffers have to cover the holes which means working extra days and loseing out on time off. Any other job I would be happy to say no I don't want to work on my days off, but this isn't any other job. This is the best job ever and as such takes up a large amount of my life, and since the place where I work lost two people at the same time, a large amount of my time off. Now you may be wondering how bad can it really be paul, you work four days on and get four days off? You are right I do only work four days, but that is four days in a row straight. 24 hours a day, 92 hours in total. Which happens to be a long time to work, LONG TIME. Now look what I have done, though I might have a free moment to update and then the 911 phone starts ringing like crazy. So till next time I bid you farwell.


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