Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Mountains

So there is a chance I guess that you are reading this blog and you don't know me and as thus you don't live in Alberta. Well for those people you might not get what I am getting at as much, but you might understand. So here I sit in Lake Louise, in an amazing little hostel and in front of me is a huge montain all big and majestic, to the right of me is a huge mountain, to the left of me is a mountain, and behind me (though I can't see is since there is a wall in the way) is a muge mountain, and they are all majestic and amazing. So here is what this has caused me to decide. I belong here, I need to be working here. I need to somehome get a job here, well maybe not here since lake louise doesn't have an ambulance service, but at least somewhere like here (ie. jasper, banff, canmore). I think this might be my new goal in life. I think that there is no better calling than the mountains. I'm really not sure how I'm going to pry myself away from here and return home.

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